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Beauty Deals Unit’s Exclusive Collection of Hair and Body Care Supplies

Look and feel fantastic with othat can make all thur range of luxury beauty products that will make you shine from the inside out.

Here at Beauty Deals Unit, we know how difficult it can be to find those exclusive brands e difference to your beauty regime; that’s why we have curated the finest hair-care products and cosmetic products especially for you.

Find top-quality products for your hair, skin, eyes, hands & feet from trusted luxury brands like Nashi, Nimue, Yumi, and Footlogix, all with amazing value and service that you will not find elsewhere. We want to pamper you with our:
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Nashi Argan Hair Beauty Products | Best Gifts for Women!


We understand that having soft, gorgeous hair that’s healthy and shiny is one of the best ways to make you feel special and look great. But in between those trips to the beauty salon to have a professional hairdresser take care of your needs, how do you keep your hair looking beautiful with a minimum of fuss?

The secret is to only use the highest-quality natural shampoos and conditioners from our luxury, salon-style hair care range selected through rigorous testing by our experts.

From our online, direct-to-you store, you can have Nashi shampoos and Nashi conditioners delivered express to your door.

Explore Nashi Argan Hair Care Products

The Nashi Argan brand is manufactured 100% in Italy using only organic argan oil from the southern desert areas of Morocco that has been cold-pressed by women’s business cooperatives. And it is our top choice for its healthful, professional results and minimal environmental impact.

Founded in 2014 as a range of salon hair and body treatments that are easy to use and eco-friendly, Nashi products are designed for all women who like to treat themselves at home with professional quality pampering.

We love that the company stands behind its respect for nature by ensuring that all of their products have zero-impact packaging using recyclable materials and a production process that only uses energy from fully renewable sources.

Nashi Haircare makes Sulphate-free, Paraben-Free, Phosphate-Free Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

Although not classed as organic, all Nashi products are free from sulphates, phosphates, sodium chloride and parabens, and their haircare products contain natural argan oil and linseed oil which are both 100% certified organic.

The Nashi Argan shampoos and conditioners also have a light, natural nutty, vanilla-like fragrance that all our customers love

Organic Argan Oil - Liquid Gold from Morocco

Produced from the kernels of the argan tree found primarily in Morocco, this amazing oil has been around for centuries, but only recently has been found to have incredible properties for use in cosmetics and medicines, prompting it to be dubbed “liquid gold” in the media.

Apart from argan oil’s many health benefits, it’s also light enough to be used in shampoos and conditioners to prevent dryness, boost shine, and even tame frizzy hair!

This unique oil is full of essential fatty acids and nutrients, plus powerful antioxidants, all of which can help prevent and even repair damage caused by coloring and styling.

The fatty acids in argan oil create a barrier that helps to prevent hair from breaking due to everything we put it through; all that washing, styling, blow-drying, coloring and chemical treatments take their toll, but research has found that argan oil can help repair the damage of over-styled hair.

Nashi Argan only uses the purest certified-organic argan oil that meets their high standards of quality, that supports the women who harvest and cold-press it, and that has the lowest environmental impact.

Nashi Argan Shampoo to Restore Dry, Damaged Hair

If you have chemically treated, dry or damaged hair and are looking for a shampoo that prevents more damage while repairing it at the same time, then Nashi’s Argan Oil Shampoo is your answer!

Suitable for all types of hair, the whole Nashi Argan haircare experience begins with the amazing Nashi Argan Shampoo. It nourishes without adding weight and provides maximum hydration for unrivaled softness.

Nashi shampoo is also ideal for everyday use as it gently cleanses without stripping any of the essential oils your hair needs to maintain its natural glossiness.
The special formula prevents the frizzy effect of some shampoos by avoiding imbalances of the hydrolipidic film (the natural protective barrier on your hair and scalp) and maintaining natural hydration. The result? Even the most unruly or damaged hair will be softer, healthier, more hydrated, and revitalized!

Nashi Argan Capixyl Energizing Shampoo for Flaky Scalp, Thin Hair and Hair Loss

This special Nashi shampoo is perfect for you if you have weakened or thin hair that has started to fall out and needs strengthening.

Nashi Argan Energizing Shampoo is a great energizing cleanser that can prevent hair loss and treat a sensitive, flaking scalp. It also helps to avoid an excess of sebum, which can cause problems around your hair follicles.

Formulated with CapixylTM (an innovative red clover extract complex that targets the main causes of hair loss) and Phyto Stem Cells (helps rebalance the natural activity of your skin), this ultra-mild shampoo is perfect for those who like to wash their hair more frequently.

It leaves your hair full-bodied, revives the natural color and brightness, soothes scalp inflammation, and reduces dandruff, no matter how often you use it.

Nashi’s Energizing Shampoo is proven to help solve a number of hair problems many women face and is very popular with our customers!

Nashi Filler Therapy Restorative Shampoo for Damaged or Color-Treated Hair

Created for dull, weakened, damaged, and chemically-treated hair that needs to be carefully rebuilt, Nashi’s Restorative Shampoo works wonders where other product brands you’ve tried have failed.

With a formula that’s enriched with elastin, keratin, and collagen, Nashi Restorative Shampoo will help rebuild and regenerate your hair structure, providing elasticity and a brighter look.

Exclusively created by Nashi as part of their Filler Therapy professional salon treatments, this shampoo is designed for use at home so that you can benefit from the therapeutic benefits of the unique formula at any time.

This Restorative Shampoo can be used for frequent washing, and like all our Nashi Argan products, it is sulfate-free and paraben-free.
We recommend using this Filler Therapy Shampoo together with the Nashi Filler Therapy Restorative Conditioner for the most effective treatment, which is also available at Beauty Deals Unit, of course!

Nashi Argan Conditioner for Tangled, Dry Hair

If your hair is undisciplined, gets easily tangled, and is difficult to brush, even after using other conditioning products, then you need to try Nashi Argan Conditioner.

A perfect partner for use with Nashi’s Argan Shampoo, this hydrating conditioner restores moisture levels without the weight other conditioners can leave, even on very thin hair. The unique formula combines argan oil to stimulate hair growth and repair damaged hair with wheat amino acids to help condition and hydrate, making this product suitable for all hair types.

The long-lasting effect guarantees that your hair will stay bright, colorful, and easily manageable even after rinsing. It’s truly a “must-have” product if you’re serious about getting results with the best of argan oil haircare!

Nashi Filler Therapy Restorative Conditioner for Dull, Damaged Hair and Dry Scalp

Keeping your hair healthy after using the Nashi Restorative Shampoo is so important; that’s why experts recommend that you apply Nashi Restorative Conditioner after shampooing.

Just like the shampoo, this conditioner is enriched with elastin, collagen, and keratin to help restore the natural structure of dry, damaged, and dull hair, making it the ideal addition to your filler therapy regime to improve your scalp condition and moisturize dull, lifeless hair, while bringing back the shine and softness you have been dreaming of.

Sulfate and paraben-free, the intensive formula will even bring back to life fine hair that’s been damaged through excessive heat and chemical treatments. We recommend Nashi’s Filler Therapy Conditioner as an essential part of the restorative process. When you read Conditioner Reviews, you’ll see that it is also whole-heartedly recommended by many of our Nashi product customers!

Discover More Nashi Argan Products in Our Haircare Collection

In addition to the fabulous Nashi shampoos and conditioners, our Beauty Deals Unit’s online store provides several other amazing products from this top Italian brand that will take your wonderful hair to a higher level of health and beauty.

Just click on the category of the luxury hair products you are looking for from our curated collection:
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Our range of luxury skincare products features an exclusive collection of creams, cleansers, serums, and other amazing products from Nimue that will leave your skin glowing with health.
We’ve organized everything so it’s easy to find the top-quality skincare product you’re looking for. Simply choose the desired category from the list below and discover our luxury line of products we’ve chosen especially for you:
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If you’re looking for high-end eye care and cosmetics, you will find our exclusive line of Yumi products has everything you need to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

We stock everything from luxury eyelash growth serums to restorative mascara. Just choose a category below to explore that salon-quality product you’re searching for now.
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Caring for Your Hands and Feet with Products by Footlogix

When it comes to looking after your hands, feet, and nails, you need to be assured that you are choosing the absolute best products to keep them in fabulous condition.

Our featured range of deluxe footcare products are made by Footlogix, our top choice for the ultimate in quality foot health and beauty, including products for cold feet, sweaty feet, cracked heels, and more.

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Beauty Deals Unit | Our Mission and Our Quality Standard

Our goal at Beauty Deals Unit is to find and deliver to you the best hair, body, and skincare products in the world of health and beauty today.

As an important part of that mission, we’re very proud that we have been able to bring you the Nashi Argan range of hair care products, which are the highest quality, and certainly the best shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils we have ever tried. Once you’ve experienced the argan oil-based formulas, we don’t think you will ever want to go back to using anything else. They are that good!

Along with the collections from Nimue, Yumi, and Footlogix and other exciting finds, we believe you will not find better quality and value deals anywhere else.

If you would like to find out more about any of our products, just contact us and we will be only too happy to help.